5 Tips to a better 5km!

1. Pace

Heading into the event on Saturday, know your goal pace and execute it from the first to the last km. As a guide, your goal pace should sit between your Zone 4 Threshold pace (30min race pace) and Zone 5 VO2 Max (12min race pace). If you are concerned or have queries regarding your pace, make sure you chat to the coaches during the week!

2. Expect your gains later in the race, not earlier
A common mistake after a period of training is to expect too much from yourself at the start of a race. Know your pace and stick to it and expect to see improvements on your last performance through holding this pace consistently from km 1-5, rather than gaining time early only to lose it through fatigue in the last km.

3. Use the competition around you later in the race 
Don’t get caught up in a big adrenaline filled surge too early in the race. Immense satisfaction can arise from letting other runners go ahead early but sticking to your pace and using them as motivation to push hard at the end of the race, only to re-pass them!

4. Don’t hold back!
The training model is all about building up gradual and long term improvements in fitness and often rewards a feeling of “holding back” 5% in training to ensure you can back up week after week towards your goal. When you hit a race environment, the mindset should be firmly on getting the most out of the race as you can to ensure you get the maximum reward from all your training – as we approach that last 800m… don’t hold back!

5. Look good – feel good!
Racing for a PB is all about achieving something you haven’t done before and to do this we often need to be in a positive frame of mind and demonstrate that internal confidence. A simple thing like saving your favourite running outfit for race day can boost your mood and help you achieve that PB!


Running Regards,

Team Front Runner