Junior Emerging Squad Update


Is your child 14-17 and starting to set specific goals in track and field?

Our coaching team have limited places in our Junior Emerging Squad with coaching managers:

  • Sprints Zac Born (B.Sc; B. Eng; Lv 2 S&C; PhD candidate)
  • Middle Distance Jasmin Long (B.Sc, Lv 1 S&C)

What we deliver:

  • Regular consulting meetings with athlete, parent and coach for education, planning and feedback
  • Included group training sessions
  • Training delivered via Training Peaks platform
  • Mentorship with Front Runner senior athletes
  • Progression into Front Runner senior elite framework
  • Trust of athletes transitioning to their personal goals or all the way to national senior teams

Weekly Sessions:

  • Tuesday (Sprints, Middle Distance & Distance) WA Athletics Stadium 5.30pm – Coach Ben Green, Jaz Long, Zac Born
  • Thursday (Endurance) Dodd Street, Lake Monger 5.30pm – Coach Ben Green, Jaz Long
  • Thursday (Sprints) WA Athletics Stadium 5.30pm – Coach Zac Born
  • Saturday: Hill Efforts. Zamia Cafe 8am (Elite Middle and Long Distance) – Coach Ben Green
  • Saturday: Aerobic easy run + Strength/Biomechanics development 7.30-9am (2/182 Harborne St, Wembley) – Coach Zac Born.

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