Barbara Hasenoehrl frontrunnertrained


Barbara is an amazing woman and an integral part of our FRESH Women’s only squad who meet every Monday and Wednesday 6am at The Running Centre.

Here is her incredible running story ….

•When did you get started on your running journey?

I think I would not have started running if there had not been a diagnosis of breast cancer 8 years ago. I just started one day and increased the length of my runs leading to my first half marathon in Busselton. We moved from the South West back to Perth a few years ago and then luckily I found the Fresh Runners Women group.

•Summarise what running means to you in one sentence…

It is difficult to explain in words what running has done for me: foremost it is my “me” time where I can contemplate, focus, enjoy and challenge myself physically.

•Describe your current weekly training programme?

Currently I do 3 runs a week with some gym strength sessions

•What are your current PB’s
Marathon 4:40, Half 2:05, 10k: 54:48, 5k 26:40

•What is your proudest running achievement to date?

My first marathon , Chevron City to Surf, as I ran that on my 50th birthday

•Who is you front runner coach?

Andrea Bell, she is exceptional

•What have you valued most about being a frontrunner trained athlete?

The people I met and that no one judges you at whatever level you are at.

•Favourite training buddies?

All of my Fresh Runners Women’s Group buddies. They are one committed bunch of women.

•What are your short and long term goals?

Improve and keep running. My all time goal is to run the Half under 2 hrs.

•If you could give one piece of advice about running what would it be?

Give it a go and surprise yourself with what you can achieve.