BLOG: Motivation…

Motivation…Why You Don’t Need It!
10 Tips on Becoming A Regular Runner
By: Andrea Bell

A common conversation between runners and non-runners normally ends up with the non-runner asking the runner “Where do you get your motivation? I could never do what you do as I can’t get motivated!”

The truth is…in order to begin a daily exercise routine, you do not need motivation in any way, shape or form.

Why? Motivation is described as “literally, the desire to do something”.   Motivation is not your friend, it comes and goes whenever it wants and will leave you just as quickly as it arrived.

The following scenario may sound familiar: –

“Right, that’s it! Tomorrow, I’m totally on it! I’m so motivated! I’m starting my new clean eating diet, and I’m starting running, every single day!”

and the scenario continues…..

Day 1: You totally nail it, food is spot on, you got up early and ran for 3k!

Day 2: Food was again fab, and wow you got up early again and ran another 3k!

Day 3: Oops, slept in, didn’t get the run in. I’ll do it later….Food was great! Because I’ve been so good, I’ll have a Tim Tam (or 2) after dinner

Day 4: I am so not getting out of this warm bed to run, I’ll do it later.

Day 5: Woohoo! I’ve lost a whole 1kg in 5 days, so I can go and have coffee and some cake to celebrate…and some wine after work, because its Friday!

So, on Day 1 you absolutely had the desire, you had the Motivation! By day 5, desire is all gone, so has the motivation. The all or nothing approach offers a gross imbalance to our physical being, where you will naturally always balance yourself back again, usually over compensating to the other extreme!

This follows with feelings of disappointment, uselessness, guilt, and frustration and ultimately the feeling of being further away from your initial goal. At this point, people generally throw their hands in the air, and give up.

If you want to re-start running, or you are starting to run for the first time, below are 10 Tips you can follow to become a regular runner… to make sure you start, keep going and never look back.

  1. Lock in a goal! You need something to work toward, a reason to get up in the morning, a reason to challenge your lifestyle.
  2. Choose your own goals, don’t let someone else choose them for you.
  3. Don’t go cold turkey, make gradual changes that you can sustain.
  4. Push your fear aside! Don’t be fearful of what you might not achieve, be excited about what you WILL achieve.
  5. Plan, plan and plan. Have your clothes ready the night before if you plan on getting up very early to exercise.
  6. Follow a training plan or work with a good coach.
  7. Once committed – never enter into negotiations with yourself.  Treat your training as part of your daily routine, as simple as brushing your teeth and having a shower.
  8. Train with a friend or in a group – become accountable.
  9. Have patience – results will come to those who work for them.
  10. Get ready to congratulate yourself! Runners measure themselves against their own standards. When you improve a time, or increase a distance – you win, no matter what anyone else has done on the same day.

With those tips on board, the next time someone says to you “Where Do You Get Your Motivation From?” simply reply with “I don’t have any Motivation, in fact I don’t need it.”

Andrea is a Level 2 Accredited Running Coach, who specialises in Individual Running Programs for those starting to run, or re-starting their running journey.  To get started, email