Coaching Communication Policy

For clients working with a Front Runner coach on a personal program (Gold or Online), the following communication protocols are preferred to ensure reliable communication between yourself and your coach.

Preferred communication protocols

  • The primary means of coaching communication should be via monthly one on one meetings
  • The preference for one on one meetings is face to face, but where there is an athlete preference, or athletes are not local, virtual catch ups will be organised

For communications between one on one meetings:

  • Phone call or message* for urgent queries/emergencies (feedback needed immediately)
  • Email for all other queries. The coach will respond within 24h or as needed

*Messaging default is via SMS but may include Messenger, WhatsApp etc. pending discussion and agreement between athlete and coach.

If you have any queries or concerns with this, please liaise directly with your personal coach.

Running Regards,

Team Front Runner