Front Runner Power Zones

At Front Runner Sports we encourage all triathletes who wish to cycle to power to use our site a resource to help set your pace zones for the flat and fast racing in WA that makes power such a brilliant tool to “Beat your best”

Training to power has numerous benefits as outlined on our blog posts. Please enter your function threshold power (FTP) below. Your FTP is calculated from an FTP test or time trial. If you know your FTP, enter it in the form below. If you have done a time trial that took approximately 1 hour to complete, your FTP will be the average power for that hour. If you have completed a time trial in less than one hour, your FTP will be 95% of the 20 minute maximum power average. This will be calculated by your cycling computer.

Front Runner Sports conducts FTP tests in house using current testing protocols and equipment for only $80. To book your FTP test click here

New to power training? Please read our blogs on introduction to power, types of power meters and training to power