Garmin files for Mona, Gregson, Benita & Pyramid Fartlek

Sometimes interval running sessions can become quite complicated with a number of a varied efforts and recoveries. Often intervals are simple – 1km repeats with 60s rest or 2min threshold repeats with 1min float recovery. However there are also some popular intervals sessions that are far more complicated. The Moneghetti Fartlek (or Mona Fartlek) has multiple repeats of 90s, 60s, 30s and 15s. Imagine trying to remember this for the first time? Or trying to concentrate on the back half of the session where the efforts are short. With GPS watches fast becoming a normal accessory for runners, plenty will use a Garmin watch to program in their interval training. For simple sessions the programming is easy and can be done on the watch using the Interval Trainer function available on almost every Garmin. However, workouts with varied efforts and recoveries require programming using the online workout creator on the Garmin Connect website. Here you will be able to create any workout you desire.

At Front Runner Sports we regularly do the Moneghetti, Gregson and Benita Fartleks. For any athlete wishing to get these workouts on their garmins without having to create them on the online creator, please read the instructions below and download the attached zip file. Note the instructions are for Garmin devices that communicate with the PC via a USB cable (almost all new Garmins) and not an ANT stick (i.e. 910xt). Those runners with older devices like a 910xt will need to transfer the files using the ANT stick and the ANT Agent software. A good set of instructions for the older Garmins can be found here on the Trainingpeaks website.


1. Plug your Garmin into your PC using the provided USB cable. If Garmin Express is set to open automatically let the watch sync to Garmin Connect and then close the program.
2. Open windows explorer and find the Garmin just like finding a USB stick
3. Click on the Garmin Device and navigate to the GARMIN folder and then WORKOUTS
4. Inside the WORKOUTS folder you will see the two folders INTRVL and SCHEDULE. Paste the four exercise folders attached here so that the four FIT files will sit next to the two folders.
5. Safely disconnect your Garmin device in the same way you normally unmount a USB stick
6. Your Garmin may briefly display an “Updating” message before returning the home screen. The four training sessions are now successfully installed on your Garmin
7. Each Garmin device will be slightly different to access to the training sessions. Essentially navigate to the run activity settings menu, select “Training”, then “My Workouts” then the desired training session – Benita, Gregson, HalfMona or Mona, finally select “Do Workout”

















8. Press the Start button to start the session. Note that each of the session files contains a warmup and cooldown segment, so you can enter the workout file at the beginning of training and use the one file for the whole session. When you press start and the timer starts you will see in small writing at the top of the screen “Warm Up Until Lap Press”. This means the session will be in the Warm Up segment until you press the lap button. Once you press the lap button the main timed set will begin. If you access the Workout after the warmup and right before the start of the set, simply press Start and then Lap button straight away to skip straight from the Warm Up segment into the first Rep of the set.









9. Once the session is in main set the countdown timer will automatically cycle through each segment of the session. After the final segment of the session. i.e. the last 15s recovery of the Mona Fartlek, the session will enter Cool Down mode. You can either stop the session here and save the file or complete a cool down and the save the file after.