Front Runner Sports Management has quickly progressed to a market leading position in running consultancy.

As the name suggests, the company is founded with a commitment to staying ahead of the pack and delivering a market leading running related services to our valued clients and referral partners.

Front Runner was founded in March 2002 by Managing Director, Rafael Baugh (B.Sc Physio) to create and develop running events in and around Western Australia. Highlights in event consulting have included design and delivery of Australia’s richest Mile running event, the “Leonora Golden Gift”, as well as concept design for the Lest We Forget Fun Run (2003-4) and development of the “Perth Mile Series” (2002-2004).

In late 2006, Front Runner Sports expanded with the advent of The Body Station Physiotherapy to providing running related professional services, in particular physiotherapy as, remedial massage and group running coaching. With a clear focus on an inclusive and engaging model for clients and up to date, evidence based service delivery, participants began making excellent progress and the group quickly expanded.

With increasing demand for services, personalised coaching became available at Front Runner Sports and The Body Station Physiotherapy in late 2007 as clients demanded more specific and tailored training solutions to assist in reaching their personal goals. Corporate consultancy and keynote speaking also became a focus as the company began broadening it’s reach into education and workshops on a range of running and health related subjects.

From late 2009, Front Runner Sports and The Body Station Physiotherapy moved offices to inside The Running Centre in West Perth and added more specialised  movement analysis and sports science services including “Running Re-evolution” 2D clinical gait analysis, 2D Functional gait analysis and lactate threshold testing for heart rate zone prescription.

As our service experience grew and patterns emerged, we identified that skill components are often the most limiting factor in adult running populations and also lack of confidence and understanding of good running technique increases both injury risk and reduced ultimate performance. As such, in 2014 we introduced our Trackstars Running School to ensure from a young age West Australian children can develop confidence, skill and speed which can carry them to their full potential in health and fitness and ultimately help the Front Runner team ensure that the standard of running in Western Australia can continue to improve and once again reach world class standards in the future.

Front Runner Sports and The Body Station Physiotherapy continues to aim to improve customer service experience and in late 2015 became official Physiotherapy and Running Technique providers to Athletics Western Australia.

The comprehensive range of services offered allows Front Runner to lay claim to the broadest range of privately available running related services in Australia and our goal is to ensure that we contribute positively to the running experience of all those who enter into our community.