8 factors to consider when picking your next Marathon…….

Your training has been perfect, over many months you have built your fitness to your best level ever and you are excited to chase a PB and travel to one of the worlds great marathons. You jump on a plane Wednesday before the race, travel 24 hr though two flight changes, arriving in Europe ready to beat your best that weekend. A few days of new food, mild jetlag and some sightseeing later and race day is here. On race day you start well but towards the latter stages you feel a little off your best and you finish steady but in a time is a few minutes off from your best and little away from your goals…..

Sound familiar?

Having coached many marathon runners towards their target races over the past 7 years, this has become a clear and consistent pattern for runners travelling to big European and American races. Strong performances are the norm but rarely are they great races. By tracking these patterns we start to be able to identify the cause of these trends and help our athletes better choose the appropriate racing location and timing to achieve their goals. We also start to be able to develop better preparation strategies, both physical and mental, to increase the likelihood of goal attainment in the case of races in Europe and America.

When choosing your next marathon, it is really important to carefully consider your goals for the event. Are you chasing a finish, a PB time or an experience? While running a major Marathon such as Boston, Paris, Dubai, Berlin might look exciting on paper these races bring into play a number of external variables likely to impact performance that need to be factored into preparation and goal setting for these events. Similarly, some environments, such as racing Japan, offer significant performance upsides to domestic or local races for a number of reasons

What factors should you consider before next race:

  • Your personal goals-is it be run a PB
  • Logistics
  • Time Zone
  • Travel Time
  • Dietary Change
  • Field Depth
  • Climate
  • Cultural Changes


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