How To Train In The Heat?

In our beautiful city of Perth, we are bound to have some very hot days over summer, usually 35oC or more right through until March.
One question our coaching team at Front Runner Sports is often asked….”Should I Train In The Heat?”

For runners whose regular threshold training session falls on a very hot day, please see below for some advice on how you can best train in the heat!

  • Heat training is all relative. If you’re used to regularly training in 35+ deg C then the weather will have a minimal effect on your training session.
  • For those who have not completed many training sessions in the heat this summer, then please be aware that to complete the usual volume of training at your threshold, you will have to reduce the intensity.
  • As you approach your threshold pace, your body is sitting on a fine line as to whether this intensity is sustainable for more than a few minutes. So with the added heat stress, your body has a trade-off as to whether it sends blood to your skin to assist in cooling, or to keep sending blood to the working muscles to supply oxygen.
  • To avoid exceeding your threshold to early in a training session and compromising the volume of the session, we recommend dropping your threshold pace by a mimuimum of 5-8s per km. This will allow you to have an oxygen reserve that you can eat into as the workout progresses.

Training in the heat can be very effective in helping you improve your racing results in both the heat and cold.  So be smart about your training this summer and see the gains at your next race!

How To Train In The Heat

Running Regards!