Junior Development Research

In the sport of Track & Field, junior success is a poor predictor of elite level success (Kearney, Hayes & Nevill, 2018)*

A recent analysis of over 130,000 track & field performances in the UK between 2005 & 2015 indicated the following:

  • Only 9% of males and 13% of females who were ranked in the top 20 as a senior were ranked in the top 20 when U13
  • Of the athletes ranked in the top 20 at U13, less than 14% were still ranked in the top 20 at U20 level and less than 30% were not ranked AT ALL
  • The earliest age where an athlete’s performance began to correlate reliably with future performance was U17-U20 for females and U18-U20 for males.

Key Take-aways:

  • Performances when an athlete is U13 is a very weak indicator of future success
  • Success at U13 level does not appear to be a major driving factor for long term participation in the sport of Track & Field

Team Front Runner’s junior pathway is based on two key principles:

  1. Developing a love for the sport to encourage lifelong participation 
  2. Developing each ‘Window of Opportunity’ at the right time – read more HERE

From first steps to elite performance, Front Runner Sports is proud to provide an age & skill appropriate training solution for you & your children. To find out more on our junior pathway, please see HERE.

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*Thanks to Athletics Australia for the article (Athletics Coach, Issue 2, 2018)