Junior Emerging Squad

The final step in our Junior Programme is our Junior Emerging Squad.

Junior athletes 14 years + have the opportunity to move into a personalised coaching framework once they make a choice to pursue their running more specifically towards competition environments

What is included for $119/month:

  • Programme design and progression from leading sprints coach, Zac Born; middle distance coach, Ben Green and long distance coach, Raf Baugh
  • Regular meetings with athlete, parent and coach for education, planning and feedback
  • Included group training sessions
  • Training delivered via Training Peaks platform
  • Mentorship with Front Runner senior athletes
  • Progression into Front Runner senior elite framework

Weekly Sessions (as of 1st December 2018):

  • Tuesday (Sprints and Vo2 max) WA Athletics Stadium 5.30pm – Coach Ben Green
  • Thursday (Endurance) Dodd Street, Lake Monger 5.30pm – Coach Ben Green
  • Thursday (Sprints) WA Athletics Stadium 5.30pm – Coach Zac Born
  • Saturday: (Hills) Hill Efforts. Zamia Cafe 8am (Elite Middle and Long Distance) – Coach Ben Green
  • Saturday: (Strength) Aerobic easy run followed by Strength/Biomechanics development 7.30-9am (as of 1st December) from Front Runner Wembley – Coach Zac Born.

Pricing (as of 1st December 2018):

  1. Group Training: Casual Training Pass Option
    Junior 10 Session Pass $120 – BUY HERE
    Junior 20 Session Pass $220 – BUY HERE 

    (create a log in to purchase your training pass)
  2. Training Membership (monthly):
    Junior Emerging Squad – coached athlete, full training program delivered via Training Peaks, all sessions included: $119/month BUY NOW
  3. Junior 14-17 Sprints 8 Week Program:
    Monday Lake Monger 4.30pm – coached by WA Fastest 100m sprinter, Aaron Bresland.

    This 60 min session is suitable for adolescent sprinters (14-17 years) conducted by WA’s Fastest Man, Aaron Bresland (10.28 100m).
    Session includes: –
    • Sprint Technique
    • Sprint drills
    • Explosive Speed off the mark
    • Power over short distance
    This session is perfect for Junior Athletes, football, basketball, soccer, netball.

    Next Program Starts Monday 11th February – Sign Up HERE!

To get started in our junior elite programme please book a free meeting online under “Coaching” tab with Zac, Ben or Raf HERE.

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