Kids Technique 1 on 1

Does your child lack confidence when running or do you just feel something is not “right” with their technique?

Our expert team have been trusted to assist all levels of children from 7-17 years from runners to netballers, tennis players to AFL draftees. With highly specialised skills and targeted intervention, you can rest assured that your child will see and feel the difference in their running performance.

Services are offered by both Raf Baugh (B.Sc Physio and Running Coach), Ben Green (B.Sc Hons, Level 4 IAAF) and Zac Born (B.Sc Hons, Level 2 AA Coach, Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach)

In a 1hr Assessment you receive:

Step 1: Initial Video Assessment Initial 2D Video Analysis of your child running in multiple planes to identify areas for improvement

Step 2: Exercise Prescription Targeted Education, Strength exercises and Running Technique Drills to improve speed and efficiency

Step 3: Re-assess Repeat Video 2D analysis so you and your child can see as well as feel the difference

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1on1 before and after

Before(top) and After (bottom) 2D analysis normally shows immediate gait changes and improvements in form, economy and neuromuscular co-ordination.

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