Lactate Threshold Testing

What is it? A scientific test to determine exactly where your anaerobic (lactate) threshold lies.
Your lactate threshold is the point at which your body produces lactic acid faster than it can remove it. As a result of the increased lactic acid concentration, you cannot hold this intensity for long periods and the body is forced to slow down.

Why is it useful? Training at, or slightly above, your threshold causes your body to adapt to this intensity, meaning that you will be able to perform better at this intensity and therefore increase your “threshold”. This will directly translate to improving your performance in any events lasting longer than ~5 mins.

What does the test involve? The test is performed on either a treadmill and lasts for 12-15 minutes. It involves 4-5 efforts at increasing intensities. Upon the completion of each workload, 1 drop of blood will be taken from the earlobe to assess blood lactate levels. At the end of the test you will be given your results and an individualised explanation of exactly how YOU can train to improve YOUR lactate threshold.

What should I do before the test? On the day of your test, treat it as another training session. Make sure you have eaten 2-4 hours prior to the test and have consumed some water. Then arrive wearing the same clothes that you would for any other training session and bring a heart rate monitor also if applicable.

How often should I test? If your training load is heavy (5+ sessions per week) then you will benefit from this test every 8-12 weeks. If your training load is medium (3-4 sessions per week) then you should retest every 3- 6months.

Cost: $150 including all consumables and testing equipment

Bookings: Online under “Performance Testing” at Wembley HQ HERE