Online Coaching

Front Runner Online Run Squad:

  • Front Runner personal pace zones
  • Personal Plan delivered via Training Peaks platform
  • Complete Health and Training History review
  • Initial planning and
  • Targeted plan for your next event
  • Choose how many runs per week
  • Unlimited email contact with your coach
  • From $120- $160 per 4 week block

Front Runner Online Programming:

Each Online personalised training programme includes:

  • Annual Planning Session and Annual Review
  • Personal training zones and ongoing adjustment
  • Fully tailored personal training plan for your goals and to fit within your lifestyle
  • Programme delivery via Training Peaks
  • Monthly phone consultation with your coach to review and analyse progress, keep focussed and adjust your plan towards your targeted race outcome.
  • Unlimited email contact
  • Trust of over 97% goal attainment
  • 15% Discount on Team Front Runner Training Gear

Team Front Runner Coaches:

  • High Performance Director Raf Baugh (B.Sc Physio)- Marathon; Elite Running and Triathlon
  • Coaching Director Ben Green (Level 4 IAAF)- Recreational; Elite & Junior Elite Running
  • Coach Jasmin Long (Level 2 AA): Recreational & Junior Emerging Running
  • Coach Mat Maiolo (B.Sc, Ex Phys): Recreational Running & Triathlon
  • Coach Andrea Bell (Level 2 AA): Recreational Running & Women’s Running Development & Fitness
  • Coach Derek Cross: (Level 1 TA)- Triathlon, Ironman, Half Ironman Development Coach
  • Coach Thomas Bruins (Level 1 TA): Triathlon and Duathlon Performance Coach
  • Coach Zac Born (Level 2 AA, B.Sc Hons): Recreational & Junior Running
  • Dr. Barbara Hosack (Level 2 AA): Rec Running & Women’s Running Development

Let’s get started…you are almost on Team Front Runner:

The first step to your goal is to book a FREE or INITIAL meeting (*) with your preferred Coaching consultant to discuss your training history, goals, time constraints and aspirations.

  1. Please book  using “Coaching tab” HERE (NB Regional, Interstate and International clients seeking phone consult first email to set up Skype or Messenger Call)
  2. Fill out Health and Exercise History Form prior to your meeting (return at
(*) FREE meetings are offered with our Coaching Consultants; our Directors Raf Baugh and Ben Green offer PAYG coaching solutions.

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