Paul Beckers


Are there any greater initials for a runner than PB?

Get to know Paul Beckers, one of our biggest improvers of the past 12 months. 2019 was a beauty with Paul hacking all his previous PB’s and taking a massive 17min off his Marathon.

•When did you get started on your running journey?

After finishing up as a football umpire in my mid 20’s, I took up the challenge of racing a half-marathon and from then on I was hooked. 18 full marathons later and I still can’t get enough.

•Summarise what running means to you in one sentence.

Running for me is both the enjoyment of getting outside and being physically, mentally and socially healthy, while also providing me with a sense of achievement by pushing myself to my limit to see exactly what I am capable of.

•Describe your current weekly training programme?

Three sessions a week – Vo2 Max on Tuesday, Threshold on Thursday and Tempo on Saturday with a Long Run on Sunday. That, together with low intensity running on the other days takes me to between 130 and 140kms a week.

•What are your current PB’s?

5k: 16:35, 10k: Coming Soon, Half 1:17, Full: 2:40

•What is your proudest running achievement to date?

Qualifying for, and then competing in the Boston Marathon in 2018. The race conditions were terrible (cold, wet and windy) but I managed to run a PB and finished in the top 5% of the field.

•Who is your Front Runner coach?

Raf Baugh – started in Feb 2019

•What have you valued most about being a #frontrunnertrained athlete?

The high-performance culture – getting great mentoring from passionate coach and training with a brilliant bunch of people.

•What are your short (next 12 months) and long term goals in running?

-Short term: Get on the Front Runner State Elite Program
-Long term: Getting the most out of myself while I still can and finishing my racing with no regrets.

•If you could give one piece of advice about running what would it be?

Consistency is key – quality race results take time and repetition. Stick to the plan long term and watch those PB’s drop!