Personal Coaching

We have assembled some of Australia’s leading coaching experts to provide your coaching consultancy for running and multi-sport. All our coaches specialise in specific disciplines to ensure you receive the very best personalised service and outcomes.

We offer fully personalised training plans with a focus on understanding your personal circumstances, aspirations and goals. We then combine industry leading theoretical expertise with years of coaching experience, to lay out the perfect blueprint for your personal success.


* Platinum Programmes: Bespoke coaching and consulting to meet your personal needs. Prices starting from $600/month
* Gold Monthly Programmes: CURRENTLY FULL
This is our premium longitudinal coaching service which has helped transform recreational athletes to Overall 70.3 winners and State Champions. If you are motivated, our coaching experts can add expertise, logic and experience to take you to your potential. Delivered via the Training Peaks Platform with regular 1 on 1 consultation for SWOT analysis and goal setting, access to email correspondence and group training sessions (up to 4 per week). Analytical, directed training to deliver you evidence based strategies with over 97% goal attainment. Running Plans from $195 per/month; Tri plans from $230 per/month. Need more info? Please email
* Event Specific Programmes:
Do you have a personal goal and want a coaching expert to assist you to achieve it? Our consulting team can assist and you will have the confidence of dealing with industry leading experts who understand your background and can help you achieve your goals. Includes health and training background, planning and strategy meeting, group training sessions and personal plan via spreadsheet complete with pacing zones and specific sessions.

Event Specific Training Plans
Sport                         Running                    Triathlon/Multi-sport
8 weeks:                   $299                           $369
12 weeks:                 $399                            $469
16 weeks:                 $499                            $569

Need more info? Please email


The Front Runner coaching team includes:

Rafael Baugh

Managing Director and Head Coach (B.Sc Physio, Level 2 AA)

Raf graduated from Curtin University in 1999 and soon commenced working in private practice with both general and elite sporting populations including stints with the Australian Athletics Team, Perth Wildcats and AIS Hockey Programme. As his own sporting career blossomed, Raf travelled extensively around the world between 2006-2011, during which time he became more focussed on performance aspects and coaching. His broad experiences around the sporting world give him a comprehensive understanding of athletic performance and multiple angles to unlock ultimate performance in athletes, coaches and corporate groups.

Coaching Outcomes: Over 97% client goal attainment. Coach to runners and triathletes from recreational to elite including overall 70.3 winners, National elite champions, National Junior medallists, multiple state senior and junior champions.

Sporting Results: Former World #3 Duathlete; 8*West Australian Athletics Champion; 18 professional Duathlon victories, 2nd 2009 City to Surf (37,52)

All new clients  with Raf are managed at the world class sports rehabilitation and performance centre of Western Sports Medicine, Suite 42/Level 1 Cottesloe Central.

All enquiries and Bookings 92844511

Ben Green

Senior Coach and Biomechanics Consultant (B.Sc Hons; Level 3 ATFCA)

Ben is a biomechanics and coaching expert who specialises in running plans for all distances and one on one technique enhancement sessions. He coaches many emerging national/international middle distance runners, as well as recreational athletes of all levels. His athletes have reached high levels of proficiency including countless personal bests, overall race victories and national junior medals. In 2014, one of his junior athletes, Jonas Aranda was selected to attend university at Harvard on a full athletic scholarship and another selected for the world junior championships.

Coaching Outcomes: Outstanding record of assisting clients to improve technique and achieve personal goals and milestones. Coach to middle and long distance runners  from recreational to elite including World Junior representative, multiple National Junior medallists and multiple state open and junior champions.

Sporting Results: Winner 2011 City to Surf 4km. PB’s 1500m 3.58; 3000m 8.48 and 5000m 15.12.

All new clients with Ben Green are managed at Perth’s leading running destination, The Running Centre, 1273 Hay Street, West Perth. 

All enquiries and Bookings 93242707


We look forward to helping you to achieve your goals.

Running Regards,

Front Runner Coaching Team