Personal Coaching

We have assembled some of Australia’s leading coaching experts to provide your coaching consultancy for running and multi-sport. All our coaches specialise in specific disciplines to ensure you receive the very best personalised service and outcomes.

We offer fully personalised training plans with a focus on understanding your personal circumstances, aspirations and goals. We then combine industry leading theoretical expertise with years of coaching experience, to lay out the perfect blueprint for your personal success.


* Platinum Training Programmes: Bespoke coaching and consulting to meet your personal needs. Email for your personal requirements

This is our premium longitudinal coaching service which has helped transform recreational athletes to Overall 70.3 winners and State Champions. If you are motivated, our coaching experts can add expertise, logic and experience to take you to your potential. Delivered via the Training Peaks Platform with regular 1 on 1 consultation for SWOT analysis and goal setting, access to email correspondence and group training sessions (up to 4 per week). Analytical, directed training to deliver you evidence based strategies with over 97% goal attainment.

Pricing: Running Plans from $195 per/month; Tri plans from $235 per/month.

* Event Specific Programmes:
Do you have a personal goal and want a coaching expert to assist you to achieve it? Our consulting team can assist and you will have the confidence of dealing with industry leading experts who understand your background and can help you achieve your goals. Includes health and training background, planning and strategy meeting, group training sessions and personal plan via spreadsheet complete with pacing zones and specific sessions.

Pricing Event Specific Training Plans
Running                    Triathlon/Multi-sport
8 weeks:                   $299                           $369
12 weeks:                 $399                            $469
16 weeks:                 $499                            $569

Need more info? Please email

* Consulting (Clinical or Field Consulting):

Rafael Baugh (B.Sc Physio)                       1hr $200                              30 min $110

Ben Green (B.Sc Hons)                               1hr $125                               30 min $95

If you have any queries regarding coaching or consulting please email or book with Raf (Cottesloe 92844511) or Ben (TRC 93242707)