Transcape Swim Run Course

Front Runner will be hosting a number of weekly training events, targeted towards Novice and Beginner SwimRun athletes.

We will hold a 5 week (4 Supervised by Front Runner Coaches) training programme which will cover off the following:

  • Introductory training/information to Swim/Run
  • Basics of equipment utilization
  • Training principles
  • 5 weeks (4 Supervised by Front Runner Coaches) of SwimRun training once per week in the river and/or ocean
    • Week 1- 1st Feb 7.00am Intro Seminar @TRC & River SwimRun (Bayside Tearooms)
      • TRC Introductory Seminar.
        • What is SwimRun
        • Equipment
        • Nutrition
        • Pacing
        • Course Overview
      • SwimRun Specific 45min Practice ex Bayside Tearooms 
      • Week 2- 8th Feb 6.00am Coastal Swim Run (City Beach Intervals ex Clancy’s “Coastal Cruise”) 
        • Focus on pacing, exploring speed differences, relative strengths of each team member.
        • Teamwork and Pacing.
        • Practice transitions in and out of the water.
      • Week 3- 15-16th Self directed Training
      • Week 4- 22nd Feb 6.00am Coastal Swim Run (Cottesloe “Dress Rehearsal”)
        • Cottesloe to Port Beach Return
          • Course Info to be sent to subscribers on week of session.
      • Week 5- 29th Feb 6.00am Mini Sprint Simulation & Race Plan Q+A/Education (North Trigg, “Final Countdown”)
        • North Trigg to Trigg beach run, Trigg swim to North Scarborough, and St Mary Trails to finish.
        • Last minute Q&A
      • Week 6- Race Week 

    Training costs:

    For further information on the event, please visit their Facebook Page: