Triathlon Squad

All of our coaching team are leading experts who deliver an engaging and supportive daily training environment while drawing on Team Front Runners unrivalled scientific planning and systems.

Our Integrated Triathlon Coaching System focusses on three pillars of Front Runner Athletic development:

  1. Biomechanics
  2. Physiology
  3. Psychology

At each training session, each pillar of development is attended to and developed in all athletes. Athletes who progress to a Personal Triathlon programme with Team Front Runner are tracked personally for the longitudinal enhancement of each pillar as we believe that without a balanced athlete, we have an unsustainable system for ongoing improvement and athletic excellence.


Day AM Training PM Training

6pm Threshold Swim Squad

Scarborough Pool


5,45am Threshold Bike

The Running Centre

5.30pm Vo2 max Intervals

WA Athletics Centre


5.45am Brick Session

Perry Lakes Reserve

5.30pm Threshold Run

Lake Monger

Friday Hills Bike Ride (see FB Page weekly for details)

3.30pm Tempo & Technique 

Scarborough Pool

Saturday Long Run (See FB Page weekly for details)


  • Scarborough Beach Pool, 173 Gildercliffe Street, Scarborough
  • WA Athletics Centre- Stephenson Ave, Mt Claremont
  • The Running Centre (TRC)- 1273 Hay Street, West Perth
  • Lake Monger- Dodd Street, Lake Monger
  • Wembley HQ- 2/182 Harborne Street, Wembley

Join up NOW:

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  • 20 Session Pass (Adult) $250 BUY NOW

Need more help?

  • Have a more personal goal or target? Book a free meeting with a Front Runner Run Triathlon Coach HERE:
    • Steve Gleeson (Age Group Sprint-Ironman; Elite/Pro Half Ironman)
    • Raf Baugh (Elite/Pro Half/Full Ironman)
    • Derek Cross (Age Group Half Ironman- Ironman)
    • Thomas Bruins (Age Group Sprint- Ironman)
  • Call us 0478841104 or email