What is your “Running IQ”

Do you find yourself constantly questioning your training plan? Are you able to train well but struggle to execute on race day?
No one aims to miss the mark when they have invested significant time and effort in the aim of self improvement.
At Front Runner Sports, our coaching team are constantly seeking to educate our athletes on the physiological, psychological and biomechanical rationale for their training plan so that they can make more informed decisions and be more likely to achieve their goals on race day.
We use the term “Running IQ” to assess how well an athlete functions across different elements of their training and racing process and execution.
“Running IQ” has two parts, both of which have conceptual and action components:
“Training IQ”
  • Conceptual: ones ability to logically understand the training principles and psycho-physiological rationale behind the training plan and how this plan relates to both their short and long term goal attainment.
  • Action: Training IQ is assessed by adherence and consistent execution of the training plan over time at the pace zone, duration, surface and/or distance specified.
“Racing IQ”
  • Conceptual: one’s ability to logically understand their current fitness; the specific demands of racing environment and then contribute to the development of their logical race plan and strategy.
  • Action: Racing IQ is assessed by the athletes ability to race at a level reflective of their capability.
“Running IQ” is an objective framework for our coaching team to use with Team Front Runner athletes that helps them to develop athletes across different aspects contributing to their training and racing outcomes and enjoyment. 

Finally (and perhaps most importantly) “Running IQ” is not correlated with race time but is HIGHLY correlated with an athletes short and long term goal attainment.