Winter Cycling Gear: Safety and Functional tips

Winter cycling can be a time that many athletes struggle with at both a motivational and structural level.

Our Triathlon Coach and world #2 Powerman Duathlete, Thomas Bruins has some awesome tips on getting the right cycling gear and equipment to stay focussed through the winter months

Keep your core warm and ultimately you’ll be okay and not get sick.
– A good cycling specific rain jacket. Anything lined with Goretex will be fantastic for wind and rain proofing
– Castelli Gabba (my #1 recommendation for wet/cold weather gear) is a neoprene Goretex jersey so you dont need a rain jacket.
– wind stopper or merino wool undershirt

– A good set of slightly insulated arm warmers. Castelli do a “Nanoflex” series arms with a 3m coating which make them water resistant
– Alternatively a long sleeved jersey or gabba

– A good set of full finger gloves!
– Alternatively two sets of gloves! one merino insert, one outer wind stopper

– Leg/knee warmers
– 3/4 or full length bib shorts
– Again castelli do nanoflex series legs and bibs

– Tape up the ventilation holes in your shoes
– Merino socks or multiple pairs
– neoprene toe covers
– Full shoe covers
– Velotoze do shoe covers that are full silocone and almost like swim caps for your feet. Excellent water proofing, lightweight but also a bit fragile.

– A front mud guard will help deflect water off your feet
– Rear mud guard will keep your back from getting all sandy and also stop road spray hitting the person behind you!
– Safety first – Get a good bright set of lights!

The motivational side is the responsibility of the athlete who must remain mindful of their goals!

If you need help with your goal setting and programming book a free meeting with Thomas here 

Happy riding

Team Front Runner