Women’s Run Team

Perth’s most qualified and friendly female coaching team have extensive experience and satisfaction in helping non runners, or those who have had an extended break, get into running and get fitter, healthier, stronger and more confident.

Best of all, it is FUN and takes place with a like-minded group, in a central location, at times that can fit around your busy lifestyle!

SCHEDULE: (As of 1st July 2022)

Let’s get started… How do I join FRESH Women’s Run Group? 

  • FRESH Run Membership
    • FRESH 2*week Membership ($90/month: attend 2 sessions each week Monday, Wednesday sessions). SIGN UP NOW
  • FRESH Training Course (Introductory)- Commence through an 8 week program
  • FRESH Casual Run Sessions
  • More personal running goal? Book a free meeting with FRESH Coach to get a personal solution
    • Jennifer Wadd – email admin@frontrunnersports.com.au to book.
    • Andrea Bell – Book HERE
  • Queries? admin@frontrunnersports.com.au

Group Session Meeting Point:

  • West Perth- The Running Centre (1273 Hay Street West Perth)

Strength Circuit Training For Runners: –

Our Physiotherapy team have summarised 6 reasons Runners Benefit from Strength sessions- read more here

Strength training is an excellent choice of complimentary training for runners, helping to strengthen the very important core stabilising muscles to maintain good biomechanics under fatigue. If you think core strengthening is the only benefit you will reap from strength sessions then think again because it will improve your running performance!

More Information HERE>

Contact admin@frontrunnersports.com.au or 0478 841 104 to find out more information

Meeting Points:

    • West Perth- The Running Centre (1273 Hay Street West Perth)