24 OCR Enduro Race

24hr OCR Enduro – with Front Runner Ray Michael.

On June 8th & 9th, one of our Front Runner team members Ray Michael headed over to NSW for the Obstacle Course Racing world championships, 24hr enduro event.
This is the 2nd time Ray has completed in this event, which involves participants completing continuous laps of a 11.6km course while navigating 30 obstacles, during daylight and darkness – for 24 hours continuous.
This year, Ray moved continuously for 18+ hours, covering 81kms – with ZERO failed obstacles.  This event is gruelling and does not let up on you.  As you can see from Ray’s lap splits, each lap sucks energy, stamina and strength out of your body, forcing competitors to fight against the want to stop.
Ray had plenty of positives to share from the event: –
  • Finishing 81+kms of obstacle racing is absolutely outstanding
  • Ray’s food intake was on point for the event, with thanks to Sam at The Running Centre introducing him to the Maurten products.  His stomach tolerated Maurten and felt so much better throughout the event.
  • There are always good lessons to be learned from each ultra endurance event
  • The medal received and 50 mile belt buckle are very impressive!

The things you learn from the event itself: –

  • Nursing post tibial tendonitis and maintaining the kms needed for an ultra distance event is a delicate balance
  • Need to work on how much caffeine is needed to stay awake for the duration required. Blacking out and losing memory of parts of the last lap is not ideal.
  • In preparation, there needs to be a lot more running in darkness and in fog to get more comfortable with it.
On behalf of the Front Runner team Ray, we congratulate you on an outstanding event!  We can’t wait to see what the next adventure holds.