Well done to Thomas Bruins who has finished 8th at the 2019 Powerman Zofingen: World Championship.

This is the second time Thomas has finished inside the top 10 at the world’s most challenging Duathlon.

As a reflection of his achievements as a duathlete

2018 World #1 Ranking
2* Asian Duathlon Champion
1* Oceania Duathlon Champion
1* Australian Duathlon Champion
3* Top 10 European Championships
2* Top 10 World Championships
6* Powerman Victories globally ?


One of the biggest challenges we faced when we started Front Runner was a pattern in Western Australia of endurance sport in a silo. One of “local heroes” and Wedding singers masquerading as Rockstars.

Thomas has been able to help change that cultural narrative and has committed fully to achieving his full potential at the highest level. In so doing, he retires with a resume that will be respected by anyone who reads it, wherever they may reside, built life long friendships with respected peers and helped pave the way for other young Front Runner athletes to be amongst the best in the world.

Congratulations on a fantastic career Thomas Bruins and for your contribution to our story.

Read about Thomas’s life time of results here: www.thomasbruins.com/results

Bravo TB!