FRESH Melbourne Marathon Tour 2019

Back in February 2019, our Front Runner FRESH team were enjoying their normal post run coffee, after a hard interval session on a Wednesday morning.

As the conversation flowed, discussions were held around goals, what to aim for in 2019 and the possibility of a team tour.  The words Melbourne and Half Marathon were placed on the table, and before we knew it there were 20 girls booked and pumped to train toward the Melbourne Half Marathon in October.

The entire coaching team and staff at Front Runner Sports are beyond proud of the entire FRESH team.  Simply, they have displayed courage, commitment and an enormous sense of community in reaching their goals.

The girls have worked extremely hard during the year to complete training, week after week, often with each Saturday long run being the longest they had ever run!

The weekend in Melbourne itself started on Friday night, with a big team dinner at a lively Italian restaurant in Carlton.  Saturday the girls were given strict instructions “not to walk around the city” and save the legs for the big run on Sunday.

On Saturday afternoon, many of the team gathered together to witness the “man of no limits” Eliud Kipchoge run his 1:59:40 marathon.  What great timing with endless inspiration gained for the upcoming event the next day.

Sunday morning, race day was met with may nerves, excitement and much team camaraderie.  With each team members wearing the infamous “No Pain No Champagne” shirts,  it was so pleasing to see completion of the challenge set many months before, a real test of endurance, perseverance and mental resilience.  For some of the girls, this was the longest they had ever run, and the overwhelming sense of achievement is something to hold onto forever.

NOW…the sky is the limit!  Watch this space as the FRESH team pick a new challenge…2020 here we come.

The Front Runner Fresh team run every week as follows: –

Monday 6am from TRC: Warm up, dynamic stretching & running drills, endurance run.
Wednesday 6am from TRC: Warm up, dynamic stretching & running drills, interval session with a speed variation focus.

All runners welcome, the group currently has runners ranging from 25min-45min 5k.