2021 FRESH Women’s Group

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Running with Perth Women for 7 Years

Join Our Proven 8 Week Training Course 
Starting Monday 11th October 2021

Suits beginners!  You receive 2 coached sessions per week, for 8 weeks with likeminded Women, led by our experienced female coaching team, for only $175.00.

Details: –

  • Monday 6am- 7am Endurance: The Running Centre (1273 Hay Street West Perth)- coached
  • Wednesday 6am- 7am Threshold Intervals: The Running Centre (1273 Hay Street West Perth)- coached
  • Self Directed Weekend Endurance based Run
  • Receive a full program booklet outlining the 8 week walk-to-run program or 8 week fastest 5k program.
  • Course Goal- your fastest 5k or non-stop 5k on Sat 4th December, 2021.

Perth’s most qualified and friendly female coaching team have extensive experience and satisfaction in helping non runners, or those who have had an extended break, get into running and get fitter, healthier and more confident.

Our courses will build you up gradually over 8 weeks toward specific milestones throughout 2021.  We have 4 dates to choose from, all listed below.  You will be able to run further, faster and more efficiently, with our course lead by female coaches who understand how to start.

Our expectations of our runners is high – we encourage you to commit, attend and work hard… where your reward for effort is success in achieving your goal.

Best of all, it is FUN and takes place with a like-minded group, in a central location, at times that can fit around your busy lifestyle!

Our running courses are equally suited to those who are new to running, looking to run your first 5k, would like to run with your children, those returning to running after an extended break or sometimes struggle with motivation.

Are you a returning course athlete?

Choose your membership, follow the links below, create a log in, purchase a Pass, Reserve your spot at training!

Membership Cost
1. FRESH Women’s 2* week
(Any 2 run sessions/week)
 2. 10 Session Training Pass
(valid at any Front Runner session)

Do you have any queries? Email our admin team admin@frontrunnersports.com.au.

We look forward to welcoming you to Team Front Runner and FRESH Women’s Group and help you to achieve your goals.

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Upcoming Course Dates for 2021

Commencing Monday 18th January 2021 – 8 weeks to your best 5k time trial: REGISTRATIONS FULL/CLOSED
Commencing Monday 5th April 2021 – 8 weeks to *5k time trial: REGISTRATIONS FULL/CLOSED
Commencing Monday 5th July 2021 – 8 weeks to 5k time trial: REGISTRATIONS FULL/CLOSED
Commencing Monday 11th October 2021 – 8 weeks to your best 5k parkrun time trial: REGISTER HERE

*Due to Covid-19, if events do not proceed, Front Runner will hold a Covid Safe 5k time trial.