Team Front Runner stats

  • 100+ runners of all ages and abilities
  • 7 coaches
  • Countless PB’s
  • 12x top 5 finishers
  • 5x podium finishers

The secret = Scientific systems, personalised planning & love of the sport

Well done to all Team Front Runner participants who hit the streets of Perth on May 19th to chase their individual goals at the 2019 HBF Run for a Reason! Perth’s biggest fun run was met with near perfect running conditions which, combined with a flat course & great atmosphere, provided a platform for all Front Runners to demonstrate the hard work they had put in at training. The result – lots of well-deserved PB’s! No matter what your performance on Sunday, the simple action of committing to a goal event and training consistently towards it should be celebrated – so well done one and all!

A highlight from the day came in the Men’s HM, with Team Front Runner athletes finishing consecutively from 4th – 13th, including 8 PB’s! Congratulations to Francisco Sanzana (4th), Alex Dreyer (5th), Matt Di Masi (6th PB), Dean Brown (7th PB), Dan Bobridge (8th PB), Dan Davis (9th PB), Dan Sheely (10th PB), Adam Scott (11th PB), Tim Carpenter (12th PB) & Max Lanoelle (13th PB).

Other top 5 finishers from the team were:

  • Women’s HM: Rochelle Rodgers (2nd) & Sarah Greenwood (3rd PB)
  • Men’s 12km: Nic Harman (2nd PB), Liam McCoach (3rd PB) & Paul Mackay (5th)
  • Women’s 12km: Brittany More (4th PB) & Suzanne McMahon (5th PB)
  • Men’s 4km: Tom Moorcroft (4th PB) & Jason Ramsden (5th PB)
  • Women’s 4km: Angie Ross (2nd PB)

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