Leonora Golden Gift Weekend 2019

The Front Runner coaching team headed up to WA’s Outback mining town of Leonora prior to the Golden Gift racing weekend from May 30th – June 2nd, to spend time delivering coaching clinics to local school children.

Coaches Raf and Andrea worked with the children aged 5-15 on running technique, sprints, relays and endurance running, including various running activities, games and a fair amount of basketball in there too!

Many of the kids of Leonora possess the gift of gracious movement, they smile and run like the wind and love everything about the Leonora Golden Gift carnival weekend.  For the Front Runner team, we were able to help promote the power of running to the kids of Leonora.  With running being available to them 7 days a week they can achieve any of their big dreams and goals with persistance.

Front Runner Director Raf Baugh then switched the coaching hat for the commentary hat to bring expert insight and vocal excitement into 2 days of racing down the main street of Leonora, kids sprint races through to the Elite Golden Mile.

View full Leonora Golden Gift event results HERE.

This event holds a special place in the heart of the Front Runner Sports team, founded by Raf in 2004, brings a special connection with the remote outback community of Leonora and a love for the sport of running.

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See you in 2020 Leonora!