Melbourne Marathon Results 2019

The Melbourne Marathon Festival sees a number of Front Runners travel over October every year.  The attraction lies in a scenic (mostly) flat course, with plenty of spectator involvement, plenty of runners to pace with where participants never end up in “no mans land”.  Who doesn’t like a weekend away in Melbourne?

This year, there were close to 50 runners who headed over, including members of our Fresh Run Team.   The day provided fantastic running conditions and numerous PB’s for our team.

Special mentions to Elite Squad members Dean Menzies on a PB marathon of 2.21, which gives him the all time Front Runner club record and 6th fastest time run by a West Aussie.  Also to Sarah Greenwood on an outstanding PB marathon run of 2.56.


+++ Marathon +++:
Aaron Butters 3.18 PB
Natalie Sinton 4.22 (Debut)
Paul Coombes 3.43
Gerard Danckert 3.25
Geri Daube 3.48
Max Daube 2.40 PB
Sarah Greenwood 2.56 PB
Marcus Sasson 3.03 PB
Matthew Baker 2.57 PB (Debut)
Jen Broderick 4.12 PB
Jane Charters 4.01 (Birthday?)
Jenelle Forrest 4.11
David Guest 2.49 PB
Dean Menzies 2.21 (Club Record, 7th place, 6th fastest WA all time)
Kris Russet 3.08 PB

+++ Half Marathon +++:
Liz Greenwood 2.20
Coach Andrea Bell 1.48
Pippa Cebis 2.22
Barbara Hasenoehrl 2.05
Sarah MacNish 2.01
Kylie Page-Firth 2.29
Carol Sisson 2.23
Gaylie Slater 3.03
Marlene Smedley 2.02
Elliott York 1.51
Dan Bobridge 74.49
Kate Locke 2.06
Emma Scally 1.26 PB
Katherine Carroll 2.04
Tracey Farrow 2.04
Nic Harman 64.29 (2nd Place)
Karen Quigley 1.29 PB
Angela Raso 1.50

+++ 10km +++:
Melissa Lewis 1.38 (with an extra passenger)
Lachlan Taylor-Greaves 38.26

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Running regards,

Team Front Runner.