Do you WANT to run, but FEEL as though some extra weight, ongoing pain or lack of confidence is holding you back?

URun may be the solution for you and we are here to help YOU!

This is a premium service which takes place over a 5 week duration with our expert team at Western Sports Medicine, located in suite 42/Level 1 Cottesloe Central Shopping Centre.

The URun plan is a series of personalised steps that helps you transition into regular exercise with assistance from our motivating and supportive team of experts :

  • Step 1: Email raf@therunningcentre.com.au
  • Step 2: We start to understand your background and better understand your goals with a comprehensive health and background check (*)
  • Step 3: Our Physiotherapists perform a Functional Running Screening and create a personal plan to reduce your risk of injury and improve your musculoskeletal health.
  • Step 4: Goal setting and planning session with your Personal Coach to set your goals and objectives
  • Step 5: Receive your graded, personalised 5 week training plan including 10 sessions on the revolutionary AlterG Treadmills at Cloud Running (**). Each session at Cloud Running will be set up by a qualified Physiotherapist so someone is always there to assist you.
  • Step 6: Follow up and feedback through our load management reporting ensures you stay accountable and focussed on change
  • Step 7: In week 5 our Physiotherapists re-assess your Functional Running Screening to measure your gains
  • Step 8: We wrap up the URun plan with a review and continuity planning session with your coach as we celebrate your progress!

As well as advice from our experts, those on the plan receive the “URun workbook” which includes your personal URun plan and risk reduction exercises, nutrition advice, personal training log and valuable background education on exercise and running.

Challenge yourself and take the first step towards breaking down your own limitations and becoming a runner.

Contact raf@therunningcentre.com.au and get started today. We look forward to meeting you soon!

(*) A medical clearance from your Dr is required prior to commencing the URun programme. If you do not already have a medical clearance, we have a Sports physician onsite at Western Sports Medicine who can performance this service for you http://semwa.com.au/.

(**) Developed by NASA the revolutionary AlterG treadmills at Cloud Running allow us to precisely control the percentage of your body weight that is supported through positive air pressure. This means that we can reduce load (and pain), allowing you to function painfree while performing exercise which you are normally unable to complete. More info http://www.alterg.com/

(***) All sessions completed with a Physiotherapist in the URun plan may be subject to a Private Health Rebate. An itemised receipt will be provided to all subscribers for claims from your health provider.