Sue Clifton Frontrunnertrained


“Super” Sue Clifton is a true original since our humble beginnings at Yokine Reserve in 2007.

Get to know the ageless team member:

• When did you get started on your running journey?

I first started running in 1988 with a friend from work. We would run around Yokine Reserve and then I became a member of the WAMC and my first race was the 1989 Bridges Fun Run.

• Summarise what running means to you in one sentence……

Running is like a tonic for me, some days I don’t feel like going but I know after 5 mins in, I will be so grateful I can run. Running helps me deal with life’s challenges.

• Describe your current weekly training programme?

Run 3 times week, Interval once a week, Easy 45 min run and then longer easy weekend run
Cycle 3 times a week. Tennis 3 times a week
Weights when time.

• What are your current PB’s?

These days I don’t relate to running PB’s my PB goals get wound back every year!
• Marathon 4 hrs 16 mins
• Half 1.52
• 10 Km 48
• 5 km 24. 30

• What is your proudest running achievement to date?

Winning Age Group for WAMC Bridges Fun Run and Duathlon in 2017

• Who is your Front Runner coach?

Ben Green. He is the best, great at adapting my running load when required. I started with Raf in his original Yokine group. Raf’s encouragement is great although sometimes a little overly enthusiastic.

• What have you valued most about being a #frontrunnertrained athlete?

The friends I have made through TRC and other running groups.

• Favourite training buddies?

Marie-Paule Teoh we have run together for several year’s until injuries got in the way and I now run more on grass. More recently Vanessa Percival and I enjoy an East Perth run.

• What are your short (next 12 months) and long term goals in running?

I would like to be able to keep running for a few year’s yet. Another WAMC race and a Duathlon.

• If you could give one piece of advice about running what would it be?

My Running advice would be do not break the 10% rule of increasing mileage too quickly.