Trackstars Schools

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TERM 1, 2020 – Technique, Agility, Speed & Power 

Commencing from Monday 10th February 2020 

Front Runner Trackstars program (6-12 years) holds a firm focus on developing correct running skills and fundamental movement patterns in children of all ages and all abilities.  Focused on fun and fitness, with age specific progression in terms of game play, skill development and training, this program will help your child run with confidence.

Teaching children at a young age the Skill of Running, will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

During Term 1, our Trackstars coaches will work to improve children’s skills and performance in speed, power, agility and running technique increasing ability and confidence to participate across a range of sports including athletics, cricket, basketball, soccer, netball, AFL, Rugby and more. Consistency and term on term progression will lead to overall improvement.

Our Junior Squad (11-14) participants can look forward to an exciting program which is perfect for Junior Athletes involved in sprinting and/or team sports competition.  Targeting both boys and girls looking for performance gains and competitive improvements in their chosen sport or event.

*** Family Offer – $10 Discount Available for Children from the Same Family! ***

Term 1 Locations – Commencing Monday 10th February, 2020 

Mount Hawthorn Primary School Monday 7.30- 8.20am
Ranford Primary School  Monday 7.30- 8.20am
Nedlands Primary School Wednesday 7.30-8.20am
Coolbinia Primary School Thursday 7.30- 8.20am
Oberthur Primary School Thursday 7.30- 8.20am
St Mary’s Junior School Thursday 7.30- 8.20am


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