Junior Development Squad

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Does this sound familiar? Your child is showing a passion for sport and running but you are unsure as a parent of how much and when they should be training. As your child develops they will start to develop a preference for certain activities however it is imperative that during this time your child continues to get exposure to a wide variety of sports and activities as specialisation too early will actually limit your child’s long term outcomes. You can read more on this topic HERE

Our Junior Development Squad begins to develop a more structured environment and introduces specific Speed and Endurance sessions each week as well as an ongoing focus on Agility, Technique and Core so that skill continues to develop.

It is perfect for either an all inclusive model for those more running focused or casual targeted training for those with a more diverse range of sporting commitments.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday (TBC) Saturday Sunday (TBC)
11 years Track 5.30pm: Speed Lake Monger 5.30pm: Endurance Agility, Technique and Hills Circuit (*)
12 Track 5.30pm: Speed Lake Monger 5.30pm: Endurance Agility, Technique and Hills Circuit (*)
13 Track 5.30pm: Speed Lake Monger 5.30pm: Vo2 max Agility, Technique & Core Circuit (*) Lake Monger 7am: Long run
14 Track 5.30pm: Speed Lake Monger 5.30pm:Vo2 max

Agility, Technique

Core Circuit (*)

Lake Monger 7am: Long run

(*) Agility, Technique and Core Circuits all based from carpark adjacent to Lake Monger Lawn Bowls club
The Junior Coach:
Alex Dreyer (B.Sc Dietetics). As a qualified dietitian and coach Alex brings outstanding technical knowledge and expertise to the coaching role. In addition, his engaged and outgoing personality and experience as a collegiate athlete at Eastern Kentucky University in the USA as a scholarship distance runner gives him a perfect platform to assist junior runners towards their full potential and create a positive team environment in the process with assistance from senior coaches Ben Green and myself.
Session Times
  • Tuesday 5.30pm WA Athletics Centre (adjacent to finish post).Track and Speed
  • Thursday 5.30pm Dodd Street, Lake Monger. Endurance and Cross Country
  • Sunday 7.00am Lake Monger Commencing Mid 2017 (TBC)

Cost: We understand you are busy and sports change from season to season so offer a casual rate of $11 cash per session for casuals or $100 per 10 session pass  BUY NOW
Tell us you are coming and more about your child: Before attending, or if you have any queries please email Keely at admin@frontrunnersports.com.au with an overview of your child’s goals and background so we hit the ground running!
Queries? Contact Keely at admin@frontrunnersports.com.au or 0478 841 104