Rafael Baugh (B.Sc Physiotherapy)

Physiotherapist, High Performance Director

Raf is a Physiotherapist and High Performance Director of Front Runner Sports. He is one of Australia’s most trusted experts in exercise prescription and load management for endurance athletes and is increasingly involved in education and mentorship of fellow Physiotherapists and Coaches. In his athletics career, he represented Australia as a professional at 4 World Championships, achieving a #3 ITU Duathlon world ranking and achieving podium finishes at ITU Oceania, Asian and European Championships and 6th at the ITU World Championships. He is an 8* West Australian athletics champion.



Marc See (B.Sc Physiotherapy)

Physiotherapy Manager

Marc graduated from Curtin University in 2010 and immediately commenced work at Front Runner Sports as a Physiotherapist in private practice.

Marc is a leading specialist in the 2D clinical assessment of gait and also in the treatment and rehabilitation of running related injuries. He conducts numerous run specific stability and strength classes each week to optimise biomechanics and mitigate risk. Drawing on extensive athletic experience and a passion for running, Marc delivers a highly integrated service for his clients.



Ben Green (B.Sc Hons; Level 4 IAAF Coach)

Coaching Manager; Sports Science Consultant (Biomechanics)

Ben is a world class running expert who specialises in delivering consulting services; personalised running plans and one on one technique enhancement sessions. Ben coaches many emerging national/international middle and long distance runners as well as recreational athletes of all levels. He has a proven record of helping athletes exceed their goals with evidence based programming, cutting edge insights and up to date scientific knowledge.

Ben is a quality educator who currently facilitates for the IAAF (middle and long distance running) and Athletics Australia (recreational and middle & long distance running). Increasingly, Ben consults in the area of Physiology, Biomechanics and Footwear assessment to government, corporate and sporting groups.



Abby Dixon (B.Sc Physiotherapy; Master of Clinical Physiotherapy)

Master Clinical Physiotherapist 

Abby graduated from Curtin University in 2005 and has over fifteen years of private practice experience. She has continued to develop her craft, completing post graduate studies and attaining her Masters of Clinical Physiotherapy.

Abby is specifically trained in Strength and Conditioning of female athletes, kinetic link training and deep motion systems which helps ensures our values of helping runners of all ages, abilities and background meet their health, fitness or performance goals.

She has a strong personal interest in fitness for physical and mental health. Abby enjoys running marathons and has completed the New York and Paris Marathons but more recently has become a “trail addict” and increasingly enjoys running off road events. Like many, she has a love of coffee, chocolate and red wine.

Cameron McQuie (B.Sc Physiotherapy; L1 ASCA Coach)


Cameron is a Physiotherapist and Level One ASCA strength and conditioning coach with a keen interest and experience in cricket, football, surfing and cross country running. Cameron graduated from Curtin University in 2017 and started with Front Runner Physiotherapy in 2018.

Cam has an interest in childhood movement development and injury management as well as acute injury and rehabilitation for athletes of all ages. He conducts one on one and group strength assessment for those aiming to improve their performance and avoid injury or simply to get fitter.

With an interest in low back pain, neck pain and shoulder injury Cam combines Physiotherapy management with Strength and conditioning to get the best out of your body and keep you moving.


Andrea Bell (Level 2 AA Coach, IAAF Kids Coach)

Community Development Manager; FRESH Women’s Fitness Coordinator

Andrea is an Accredited coach with Athletics Australia (Level 2, Recreational Runner), with personal running experience over all distances up to Marathon and Ultra Marathon Trail Running.  As a keen runner herself,

Andrea understands the challenges of juggling family, children, work and training commitments, in order to maintain a happy, healthy life balance.

Andrea’s recent coaching experience includes developing and delivering the Front Runner FRESH Women’s Only program, leading the charge at our Front Runner South of the River group sessions and working along side Rafael Baugh as Assistant Coach of our Front Runner “Trackstars for Kids” skill development program.

Derek Cross (B. Eng; Level 1 TA)

Coaching Consultant- Triathlon

Derek is an accredited Triathlon Australia Development Coach who has a passion for helping people achieve their Ironman and Half Ironman Triathlon goals. Derek brings with him a broad range of experiences gathered over a lifetime of sport. Having been a competitive swimmer, a member of the WAIS rowing program, and an Age Group and Professional Triathlete, as well as being a full time engineer and a father of two, Derek is able to look at sport from multiple perspectives to help people define and reach their targets no matter what phase of life they are in.

Derek loves the bike, in particular helping people find those one percenters that can add up to make a big difference on race day. Derek also has a long history with the water (he has been swimming since

he was two) and enjoys sharing that passion with others, particularly those who may not be that comfortable in the triathlon swim leg. In particular Derek enjoys helping those new to triathlon develop so that they can achieve those goals that they may have previously considered impossible.

Zac Born (B.Sc; Level 2 AA Coach; Level 1 ASCA Coach)

Coaching Consultant- Junior Sprints, Strength & Conditioning Consultant

Zac is an accredited Athletics Australia Coach (Level 2 Intermediate Club Coach) and an accredited Strength & Conditioning Coach (Level 1). He has completed a Bachelor of science in the fields of mechanical engineering and sports science, and is currently completing his honours degree in Sports Science (Majoring in Biomechanics) at The University of Western Australia.

Zac has 12 years of competitive sprinting experience and 6 years of coaching experience, ranging from cross country, sprinting events, state relay coaching and strength and conditioning. He has a passion for junior development in both sprinting events and fundamental movement skills and draws on his years of experience to provide a holistic approach to training.

Thomas Bruins (B.E Mechanical (Hons); Level 1 TA)

Coaching Consultant- Triathlon

Thomas is an accredited Triathlon Australia development coach who specialises in helping triathletes reach their personal performance goals.  Thomas’s bachelor in mechanical engineering is channelled through his passion for cycling and his attention to detail for cycling equipment. He offers a wide variety of cycling related services to help athletes enjoy cycling and reach their full potential. His services include Personalised Bike Fitting, lactate threshold and Function Threshold Power (FTP) testing, one-on-one skills development and general cycling related advice.

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