Trackstars Term 2, 2019 (6-12yrs)

Join Australia’s Leading Junior Run Club!

Commencing from Monday 6th May 2019

Front Runner Trackstars program holds a firm focus on developing correct running skills and fundamental movement patterns in all children.  Teaching children at a young age the Skill of Running, will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Your child will receive quality coaching, individual attention and expert program designed by leading physiotherapists.

During Term 2, our Trackstars kids will be challenged to run longer distances, build endurance, learn how to pace well, concentrate on technique and have loads of fun!  This will help build confidence toward participating in Cross Country school events in Term 2 and Term 3.

Children will tally their kilometres over the 8 week on the Front Runner Endurance Chart, to achieve either: –
Shooting Stars- Bronze Medal (10k cumulative),
Shooting Stars/ Super Stars-Silver Medal (21.1k cumulative)
Super Stars- Gold Medal (42.2k cumulative)

Children aiming for a Bronze medal, will cover the required distance during Trackstars sessions to achieve this milestone.
Children aiming for a Silver medal, will need to run an additional 2km each week, to reach the 21km milestone.
Children aiming for a Gold medal, will need to run an additional 3-4km each week, to reach the 42km milestone.

All children will be encouraged to build KM’s toward their medal outside of training, guided by parents and monitored by Trackstars Coaches.

You can expect quality coaching, individual attention and expert programme design by leading coaches and physiotherapists.

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**If you’re child is too old or ready to progress from the Trackstars Programme and looking to improve their sprints or endurance, join the Front Runner Junior Development Squad for 11-14 years.  Read more on Junior Development HERE.

If you have any queries, please contact 0478 841 104  and Andrea will be happy to assist or email