Performance Squad 16+

The Performance Middle/Long Distance Programme is managed by Raf Baugh (B.Sc Physio) and Ben Green (B.Sc Hons).

With world class scientific knowledge and a passion for seeing athletes achieve their full potential, Ben and Raf have combined to coach 3 Senior Internationals, 38 State Senior champions and countless state junior champions with longitudinal and progressive biomechanical, physiological and psychological programming.

  • Male & Female middle/long distance runners should book an initial meeting with Raf or Ben to get started HERE

Weekly Performance Squad Sessions:

  • Monday Lake Monger HQ 5.30pm
    • Acceleration & Speed Coach Ben Green
  • Tuesday WA Athletics Stadium 5.30pm
    • Speed/Vo2 Intervals Coach Ben Green & Raf Baugh
  • Thursday Dodd Street, Lake Monger 5.30pm
    • Threshold Intervals Coach Ben Green & Raf Baugh
  • Saturday 8.00am Kings Park Hills
    • Strength/Hills Coach Ben Green

Personalised Training Plan only $135/month all inclusive:

  • Daily Training Environment Managed by Specialist Coach Raf Baugh & Ben Green.
  • Training delivered and monitored via Training Peaks platform
  • As required meetings with athlete, parent and coach for education, planning and feedback. 
  • Included group training sessions when applicable
  • Mentorship with Front Runner senior athletes

Casual Training Passes: 

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