Running Squads

We welcome you to Team Front Runner and look forward to helping you to reach a new level of health, fitness or performance.

Since 2002, Team Front Runner have been trusted by Perth fitness enthusiasts, runners and triathletes of all ages and abilities looking to chase their goals, boost their fitness and improve performance. We assist you in a professional, friendly and engaged training environment led by some of Australia’s leading coaching professionals.

Our success is you goal attainment and your best support is recommending a friend or family member to join our team.

How do you start with Team Front Runner?

Pick the squad that feels right for you. We offer 8 key squads to ensure you have appropriate support, structure and guidance no matter what your current age, experience or fitness.

You can stay with one squad forever, or when you feel ready, you can step up through our turnkey model to the squad that suits your next goal. It never stops at Team Front Runner, our squads progress all the way to Perth’s most successful elite squad delivering West Australian athletes to the global stage in the Australian vest.

Which squad is right for you?


  • FRESH Women’s Fitness– Suits first timers! Supportive, structured and empowering women’s only group led by our FRESH manager Andrea and her all star coaching team. Expert coaching, structured training, friendly community from first steps to better fitness or that first big goal!
  • TRAIL CLUB– Do you love getting off road? At our group sessions, you can expect a challenging, inclusive and engaging environment with “no runner left behind”. Hills, Off Road Tempo’s and Single Track Threshold. Join the experiential crew and get out in nature with us.
  • THE RUN CLUB– Our original and most famous run squads at a location near you. Beginner to advanced runners or triathletes looking to improve their technique; structure and performance with fun and friendly community and Perth’s leading and most trusted running coaching team. Run your first or fastest 5k, 10k, Half or Full Marathon with our expert coaching team!
  • PERFORMANCE SQUAD Our Performance Squad features International representatives; world champions, national and state champions. With 109 sub 3hr marathoners coached, the group’s depth is unrivalled. Perth’s leading coaches are balanced with proven structure, best practice programme design and engaged group ethos.


    • TRACKSTARS (6-11)– First steps to a happy, healthy future. Established in 2013 by our Physiotherapy team, Front Runner Trackstars program holds a firm focus on fun while developing age appropriate fundamental movements and running patterns in your child. Our primary KPI’s are smiles, confident movement and love of setting goals in physical fitness!
    • JUNIOR ATHLETIC SQUAD (11-14)– Juniors aged 11-14 years need exposure to different training stimuli  to improve biomechanics, speed and endurance. Broadening skill and competency base, rather than specializing too early, is pivotal to your child’s overall sporting development in this window
    • JUNIOR EMERGING SQUAD (14-17)- Junior athletes 14 years + have the opportunity to move into a personalised coaching framework once they make a choice to pursue their running more specifically towards competition environments. Team Front Runner senior coaching team have a proven record of transitioning talented junior athletes to national championship medals and national junior representation. Long term pathway is directly into our senior elite squads.

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    • BEST VALUE Unlimited Junior Squad $90/month –  JOIN UP
    • 10 Session Pass (Adult) $135 BUY NOW
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    • 10 Session Pass (<18y) $125 BUY NOW
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