We have assembled some of Australia’s leading coaching experts to help you achieve your goals in running, triathlon or general fitness wherever you are in the world!

Online or in person, beginner to international, one sport to multi-sport, our #frontrunnertrained plans are delivered by Training Peaks directly to your inbox, iPhone or desktop and you receive monitoring, education and support from a Front Runner coach with specific expertise to help you achieve your personal goals.

“Team Front Runner provides you with specialist coaches who draw on science, experience and support to help you achieve your goals”

Our Team Front Runner Coaches:

  • Managing Director, Raf Baugh (B.Sc Physio, Level 2 AA)- Elite & Executive. Distance & Triathlon.
    • Executive Coaching. $500 first 6 weeks inc 1hr meeting, paces & set up. $125/fortnight thereafter. Apply
    • Elite/Professional Consulting/Coaching. EOI
  • Coaching Director, Ben Green (Level 4 IAAF)- Recreational; Elite & Junior Elite Running.
    • Initial 1hr Meeting $135 BUY NOW
  • Coach, Andrea Bell (Level 2 AA): Recreational & Women’s Running Development & Fitness.
  • Coach, Jasmin Long (Level 2 AA): Recreational & Junior Emerging Running.
  • Coach, James Heggie (AA Accredited): Recreational Running & Trail Specialist.
  • Coach, Josh Tighe (Level 2 AA Accredited): Recreational Running & Trail Specialist.
  • Coach, Derek Cross: (Level 1 TA)- Triathlon, Ironman, Half Ironman Development Coach.
  • Coach, Brenton Mizen (Level 2 AA, B.Ed). Sprints; Distance; Rec & Jnr Development runners.
    • Gold Plan $160/4 week BUY NOW
    • Online plan $120/4 weeks BUY NOW
    • Junior Development Membership $125/4 weeks BUY NOW
    • Junior Emerging Membership $125/4 weeks BUY NOW
  • Coach Anne De Rover- COMING SOON TRIATHLON 


Each Personalised training programme includes

  • Your own specialist Front Runner coach 
  • Personal training paces
  • Fully Personal training plan for your goals and to fit within your lifestyle
  • Programme delivery via Training Peaks 
  • Monthly 1 on 1 consultation (Face to Face, Messenger or Zoom) with your coach to review, analyse & progress
  • Email support for adjustments to your plan within each training block.

Let’s get started…you are almost #frontrunnertrained:

The first step to your goal is to book an Initial Coaching meeting at a time that suits you:

  1. Book now under “Coaching- First Visit” HERE
    • FREE Intial TeleCoach or In Person Meetings with all Coaches
    • PAYG Initial Tele or In Person Meetings with both Directors Ben Green and Raf Baugh
  2. Simply complete the Health and Exercise History Form prior to your meeting and email to
  3. Be ready online or in person at specified time to get started towards your goals.
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