Triathlon Coaching

We have assembled some of Australia’s leading triathlon coaching experts to help you achieve your goals!

Athletes on a Triathlon programme with Team Front Runner are tracked personally for the longitudinal enhancement of each pillar as we believe that without a balanced athlete, we have an unsustainable system for ongoing improvement and athletic excellence.

“Team Front Runner provides you with specialist coaches who draw

on science, experience and support to help you achieve your goals” 

The greatest endorsement of our service is your trust. By getting to know you personally through monthly face to face or Skype meetings and specialising in specific areas, our coaches gain cutting edge insights and ever growing experience to deliver exercise prescription and training advice that is trusted and proven. We highly value our client relationships and your goal attainment is our focus. Whether that goal be enjoyment and participation in sport, to beat a PB or compete at the world championships for Australia- we go the extra step to help you beat your best.

Weekly Squad Sessions 

  • Bike Intervals Tuesday 5.30pm The Running Centre
  • Run Intervals HERE

Front Runner Coaching Options (*)

(*)- Prices are as at January 2019. Platinum Prices with Weekly 1 on 1 meetings available by request with senior consultant Raf Baugh. Email


Each GOLD personalised training programme includes:

  • Your own specialist Front Runner coach
  • Personal training paces inferred or via Performance Testing (*) at our clinic.
  • Fully tailored personal training plan for your goals and to fit within your lifestyle
  • Programme delivery via Training Peaks
  • Monthly 1 on 1 or Skype 30min consultation with your coach to review and analyse progress, keep focussed and adjust your plan towards your targeted race outcome.
  • Included unlimited weekly group training sessions at no extra cost
  • Trust of over 97% goal attainment from over 500 trusted clients since 2006
  • Discounts on Physiotherapy, Pilates, Massage, Gait Analysis, Performance Testing
  • 15% Discount on equipment at The Running Centre

(*) Ramp testing for Lactate Threshold or Vo2 max testing is available for run or bike and is recommended every 6 weeks for most accurate prescription of HR, power or pace zones. Call to discuss or book  a Performance Testing session 0478841104

Let’s get started…you are almost on Team Front Runner:

The first step to your goal is to book a FREE meeting (*) with your preferred Triathlon Coaching consultant to discuss your training history, goals, time constraints and aspirations.

  1. Please book  using “Coaching tab” HERE (NB Regional, Interstate and International clients seeking phone consult first email to set up Skype or Messenger Call)
  2. Fill out Health History & Exercise Form prior to your meeting (return at

Team Front Runner Triathlon Coaches: 

  • Triathlon Consultant Derek Cross (Level 1 TA)- Triathlon, Ironman, Half Ironman Development Coach. Gold Plan $200/4 weeks 
  • Triathlon Consultant Raf Baugh (B.Sc Physio)- Pro Duathlon/Triathlon Consultant. Consulting; Gold Plan $240/4 weeks
  • Anne De Rover – New Consultant coming soon!