Runners Strength Classes

Need to get stronger after injury? Want to move more efficiently?

About the Classes:

The classes are conducted by Physiotherapists with specific expertise in running and take place in a small group environment with a maximum of 6 participants per class.

This circuit is for the recreational or advanced runner looking to improve running form and fitness through a blend of run specific functional strength and control exercises

Research shows that for strengthening exercises to benefit your running risk or performance they need to be highly functional and specific. Each week, the exercises will be highly specific and help you to strengthen both tonic muscles (stabilising) and phasic muscles (prime movers) which are so important to running economy, endurance and performance.

Class times (Wembley location): 

  • Monday 6.15-7.15am
  • Tuesday 6.00- 7.00am
  • Wednesday- 12.00-1.00pm; 6.00-7.00pm
  • Friday 4.30- 5.30pm
  • Saturday 3.00- 4.00pm

Class Location:

How do you sign up?

  1. Book your 45minute Initial Physiotherapy Screening with Marc See, Cameron McQuie or Rafael Baugh HERE

Payment Options

  • Pay as you Go (PAYG)- pay at clinic
    • 1 session $33.00
    • 5 session block $137.50
    • 10 session block $250.00

What do I need to bring?

You should wear the same attire you would for a run. During the class you will remove footwear. A towel, water bottle and change of clothes is recommended

Do you have any queries?

Contact us on 0478 841 104 or