Claire Ashworth


Claire Ashworth is highly accomplished in her corporate career and her running alike.

Get to know more about Claire as she gives some insights into her past, present and future running ambitions.

•Where are you based in the world?
•When did you get started on your running journey?
Started running cross-country in late high school but became more serious in my early 20’s.
•Summarise what running means to you in one sentence……
Opportunity to set myself up mentally for the day or to reset if needed.
•Describe your current weekly training programme?
Around 100km a week. A threshold session, a tempo session, one or two steady runs and a few short jogs with two strength and conditioning sessions thrown in.
•What are your current PB’s?
5km: 17:14
10km: 35:13
Half Marathon 1:16:17
Marathon: hopefully this year
•What is your proudest running achievement to date?
Coming 2nd in the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon in 2013.
•Who is your Front Runner coach?
Raf Baugh
•What have you valued most about being a #frontrunnertrained athlete?
Having a super knowledgeable coach
•Favourite training buddies?
Ned and Shiloh kelpie. 4 year old brown kelpies who I have had since pups. After an unfortunate incident of ending up in Lake Burley Griffin I now only take one at a time.
•What are your short (next 12 months) and long term goals in running?
Short term: Run a marathon
Long term: To run a PB again
•If you could give one piece of advice about running what would it be?
Be consistent, find a good coach and listen to them.

Watch for Claire in the roads of Australia when racing resumes ?