Gold Coast Marathon 2019


An amazingly well organised Gold Coast Marathon event with a record number of Front Runner team members making the trip over.

The promised sunshine didn’t eventuate but still some outstanding results, character building runs and awesome energy.

Front Runner team results: –

Dan Bobridge 2.37 PB
Mark Hateley 2.53 PB
Max Lanoëlle 2.44PB
Barbarita Vonou 3.49.58
Rashanthi Wanigasekera 5.34
Ngaire Caruso 4.00 PB
Tim Carpenter 2.59
David Brackstone 3.53
Nic Harman 2.22 Club Record
James Heggie 2.44 PB

Half Marathon:
Sam Cohen-Cooke 1.27 PB
Matt Di Masi 69 PB
Lana Hahn 1.38
Rochelle Rodgers 1.16
Rachael Smith 1.29
Sean Whitehead 1.36
Angela Raso 1.53

Summer Bright 43.32

FULL RESULTS:…/gold-coast-m…/results

Team Front Runner will be back in 2020, this is one event to mark in the calendar for next year.